Entry Level
Entry Level
A guide for people trying new things. We all have to start somewhere.

A guide for people trying something new


We all have to start somewhere.

It could be when you walk into the kitchen, get intimidated, and wind up calling for takeout. It could be when you set up your first apartment. Or it could be when you’re browsing Pinterest, dreaming of a global adventure, but unsure of how to bring your travel dreams into reality. It’s easy to get daunted and give up before you take the first step. You’re not dumb, you’re just new.

In the working world, there’s a general acceptance that you start off on at the “entry level.” These first-step jobs don’t expect you to know everything, and you learn the ropes judgement-free until you get the hang of things. Here at Entry Level, we’re bringing this concept into every area of life. Whether it’s Entry Level Cooking, Entry Level Travel, or Entry Level Love, we know that today’s culture of perfectionism can make it hard to try something new, and we provide judgement-free guides on how to get started. You kick things off on the entry level.

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